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LLC XIII Atlanta
April 3–5, 2009
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Welcome to LLC XIII Atlanta!

updates coming soon with classes and subject to change

Keynote Speakers:

Gloria Brame, Ph.D.

Gloria Brame, Ph.D.

Gloria Glickstein Brame, Ph.D. in Human Sexuality, is a sex therapist, author and blogger.

Dr. Brame is the internationally-acclaimed author of Different Loving: The World of Sexual Dominance & Submission (with co-authors William Brame and Jon Jacobs), a milestone work on sadomasochistic and fetish subcultures. Additional works include Come Hither: A Commonsense Guide to Kinky Sex, selected as the "official guide to kinky sex" by the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS). Gloria is a member of the American College of Sexologists; was voted a "Hero of the Sexual Revolution" by the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas in 2007; is an Associate Professor of Clinical Sexology at IASHS (2000– ), is on the board of the National Leather Association's Committee on Domestic Violence, and is an expert consultant for the Sexual Health Network and iFriends. She is frequently quoted in Cosmo, Men's Health, and other magazines.

A lifestyle dominant since 1986, Gloria founded the first online BDSM support group in 1987 on Compuserve and has remained committed to promoting education and candid dialogue on all aspects of kinky sexuality through her writing and Internet activism. Gloria's blog (Gloria's Oversexed Mind) offers news, commentary, images, erotic art, opinions and more on all aspects of sex, with a focus on BDSM. Gloria-brame.com, an incredible free resource encompassing an immense body of information on all aspects of kinky sex, was launched in 1996. The gloria-brame.master.com message boards offer peer support, information, and advice on all aspects of kinky sexuality. As a leading world expert on BDSM, Gloria's clinical specialty is BDSM/fetish sex, but she also offers positive, progressive sex therapy to all adults dealing with sex and relationship issues.

Ms. Angela

Ms. Angela is known for her creativity, imagination, and maintains a high value for mutual respect in all of her relationships. She crosses bridges within the broad expanse of the GLBT and leather communities and hopes that the exchanges between lifestylers continue. Ms. Angela has had substantial scene experience with abuse survivors and has presented at numerous events on multiple and varied topics: feminine dominance, the psychology of control, slavery, communication, political advocacy, civil rights, disability, and civic enfranchisement.

She has a passion for classical art, jazz, and maintains that sincerity, coupled with genuine curiosity and respect, are the keys to a solid foundation in our community. In January 2008, Ms. Angela published an anthology of essays, titled “Playing with Disabilities” and is for sale at Amazon.com.

She has presented at TES, Black Rose annual events and weekly discussions, MAsT and the annual Master slave Conference, LLC and continues to receive invitations to speak at new community forums.


Amisia ~ Since 1986 she has been an active lifestyler participating in various groups including Leather & Lace (dungeon Mistress for two years), NLA-LA, Threshold, Simbeon LA, KIINK, Lone Wolfs, TES, NLA Ft Lauderdale membership chair, SLAP, SPICE, MAsT Atlanta and More. She owns Marvelous Mayhem and Mayhem for Men.

Alexander Henryk WisniowskiAlexander Henryk Wisniowski ~ Alex (Mr. Leather Ottawa-Hull 2002, Mr. Ontario Olympus Leather 2005) started the Great North American Wolf Society in 2001. In 2002, he received the Governor General's Caring Canadian Award. Besides making documentaries on the leather community and working with Ottawa Pride, Alex was president of Ottawa's oldest GLBT group.
Allena Gabosch ~ Executive Director of the Center for Sex Positive Culture has been producing educational and social events for the sex-positive community since 1990. She is the festival producer of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, a past board member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and a commissioner on Seattle's Commission for Sexual Minorities.
Auburn Goddess ~ She is an experienced public speaker both professionally and in the leather community. In her career, she presents frequently to fellow project managers and executives. In the leather community Auburn presents at numerous southeast organizations plus regional and national events such as Beyond Leather, SELF and DomCon Atlanta
Gloria Brame, Ph.D.CC ~ Involved and evolving for nearly three decades CC has been active in the Atlanta area for many years. She enjoys sharing her passion through presentations and demos at groups, events or on her back porch. She is Editor of The BRC, a web-based resource, for over 13 years. She is a writer and columnist and is currently writing a book. Non-kink experience includes publication, conference and tradeshow management.
DarkstormDarkstorm ~ He has been involved in the lifestyle for over 20 years and in the Atlanta community for eight . He started the North Georgia M/s D/s Group in a remote area of North Georgia almost 3 years ago. The goal for the group was to provide education to the group members.
Gloria Brame, Ph.D.David N ~ He is a member of Atlanta SM Solidarity serving as President, and chairman for their annual event, Spring in the South. He is a board member for Atlanta CAP and the Southeast Olympus Contest, an associate member of Atlanta Panthers L/L, Trident Knights of Charleston, and Tennessee Gryphons. Past activities have included assistant editor & contributing writer for Dungeon Digest magazine, judging Atlanta Eagle, Southeast Olympus and Southeast Leather contests.
Gloria Brame, Ph.D.Deborah Isadora ~ A published writer, retired social services administrator and college professor, Deborah holds a National Community Service Medal presented in 1998 for work with families in rural America. She is a owned by Ian Coleman and is an active member of the Queer/Leather community and is in huzband’s family. She is currently the elected recorder for both The Exiles: San Francisco and Alameda County Leather Corps.
ElegantElegant ~ Elegant, slave to Master Archer, began her leather journey in Dallas in 1997 and has been active in the Atlanta community since 2001. Elegant is a member of NLA-I, MAST-Atlanta, producer of Boot Camp Atlanta, creator of the Atlanta Fetish Flea Market and co-owner of Fantasies In Leather and TLC Leather Care. She has been an active volunteer for SWLC, SELF, LeatherSir/boy and many other events. Elegant had the honor of being 1st Runner-Up at International Community Bootblack 2005. Her dedication to the community and specifically in spreading a positive awareness of D/s~S/m is a never-ending path to understanding her own life.
Gloria Brame, Ph.D.Gloria Glickstein Brame, Ph.D. ~ She has a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality, is a sex therapist, author and blogger. Dr. Brame is the internationally-acclaimed author of Different Loving: The World of Sexual Dominance & Submission (with co-authors William Brame and Jon Jacobs), a milestone work on sadomasochistic and fetish subcultures (see Keynote speaker above for full bio)
Herr Rudi ~ He has been called BOSS, Sir, Master and to some boys he is Pops. He has been a Leatherman, Rubberman and Skinhead for over twenty-five ears. He was introduced to Leather in 1978 at the Triangle Bar in Denver and later at the DC Eagle and NY Mine Shaft. He was a member of GMSMA, Chicago Hell Fire and South Florida Bondage Club. His travels to the UK and Europe grew his fetish for Leather, Rubber and Skinhead.
Insatiable AmazonInsatiable Amazon ~ Her leather journey began nearly two decades ago. She weaves her passions and beliefs together making her a much sought after presenter. She is a European born, multi-cultural, bilingual Domme currently calling Atlanta home. She proudly embraces life and lives her colors. Presenting in many venues serving and participating as: Ms SE Olympus 2007, SE Olympus Board of Directors, Secretary/Operations LLC LOC Atlanta, DomCon Atlanta & many other events.
IntensityIntensity ~ A switch in the BDSM lifestyle, Intensity is a twelve-year member and volunteer for APEX. A law school graduate with twenty years research, field investigation, and alternative dispute resolution experience, she is currently a Small Claims Hearing Officer volunteer for the county Justice.
Jack McGeorgeJack McGeorge ~ He is a het male master. He serves as Chairman of the board of CARAS, an emeritus member of the boards of Black Rose and LLC, Inc., was also Vice Chairman of the board of MTTA and the first Chairman of the Board of NCSF.
Jack Rinella ~ He is a free-lance writer, computer professional and college instructor. Rinella Internet Services hosts his website at “http://www.Leatherviews.com.” He’s been a high school and college teacher and many other endeavors. He has been active in the Leather scene since 1983, a founding member of MAsT-Chicago and has written extensively about our lifestyle for the past nine years and a columnist for Gay Chicago Magazine with writings appearing multiple publications. Living on the North side of Chicago he passes time writing, cruising and falling in love whenever he can.
Joe Turner ~ Involved in the Atlanta community since 1993, Joe is now practicing as a professional counselor. He has a special interest in matters unique to the bdsm lifestyle and relationships, and also in the more ordinary issues that lifestylers have trouble finding someone to talk with about.

KJPS HoweKJPS Howe ~ KJPS Howe is self described ‘contrarian’/ardent writer about leather history. Having moved south after a decade in NYC, he recommends everyone join leather organizations. A vocal critic of our subculture’s legends, he lends voice to discussion about “ who we are”. He openly invites people to assist in this dialogue at BDSM Debunking the Myths.

Lady D ~ has been a certified hypnotherapist since 1995 and a master hypnotist since 1999. She has helped many clients in the areas of smoking cessation, phobias, weight loss, pain management, sexual dysfunctions, behavior modification, etc. Lady D has taught many workshops and specializes in alternative lifestyles.
Lilith sub ~ I was born a submissive, trained a slave, educated myself as a feminist, and classify myself as a leathergirl. My focus is healthy lifestyle choices from a submissive point of view. I value personal choice and personal responsibility and have written many articles for The BDSM Resource Center on this topic. I hold a bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Woman Studies.
Master Pam ~ Master Pam, Leather since the late 80's. Member of Capex, Fad, Key, and Asheville Circle. Currently serving on CAPEX Board as Social Director. Presenter, Closed Poly Lesbian, Currently collared are PhantomBlue, Onstar, & Randy.
Master David WalkerMaster David Walker ~ He is a program developer, teacher in the Central Texas area. He began his formal journey into the D/s lifestyle in 1980. As a corporate trainer he traveled southern California and San Francisco, where he was introduced to the BDSM/Leather lifestyle. He is the primary developer of the Mentors Projects, the year-long training programs presented in Austin, Dallas, Oklahoma and Las Vegas.
Master Sgt HeinzMaster Sgt Heinz ~ I have been in the lifestyle, activity, for about 11 years. After seeing the need for an educational group in my area, in July, 1999 I started NASSA. The group is small but the educational opportunities are made available for any that are interested in learning in a safe atmosphere.
Mercury ~ He currently serves the Middle Tennessee BDSM community in the role of Executive Director for CPI/The Mark in Nashville, where he enjoys the default positions of chief ambassador and hospitality liaison. When given the chance, Mercury enjoys traveling with his girls, nyssa and mandi, spreading the gospel of D/s protocol and culture.
Mistress CyanMistress Cyan ~ She is a Transgender Woman who has been in The Lifestyle since 1989 and a leader in the LA BDSM/Leather Community. She is the founder and organizer of DomCon LA & DomCon Atlanta, West Coast Olympus Leather, Mr Sanctuary Leather and her famous Holiday Slave Auctions. She is a member of The Los Angeles Leather Coalition, received a 2006 Pantheon of Leather Award, 2006 Fundraiser of The Year, 2007 Mentor of The Year, Honoree of West Hollywood and LA Pride for her leadership and charity.
Mistress Musette ~ Trained and certified by the Protocol School of Washington, Mistress Musette makes it her mission to educate and train others in the art of formal service. She is a smart, sassy, Southern Belle raised to appreciate the finer things life has to offer. Visit her website, www.mistressmusette.com for more information.
Mr LuisMr Luis ~ He has over 30 years of distinctive leadership history within the healthcare industry with performance achievements in: Operations/Financial/Business Strategies /Management Regulatory/Reimbursement Marketing Multi-Facility Leadership Human Capital Management.
Ms Angela ~ Ms. Angela is known for her creativity, imagination, and maintains a high value for mutual respect in all of her relationships. She crosses bridges within the broad expanse of the GLBT and leather communities and hopes that the exchanges between lifestylers continue. She has substantial scene experience with abuse survivors and has presented at events such as at TES, Black Rose annual events and weekly discussions, MAsT, annual Master slave Conference, LLC and continues to receive invitations to speak at new community forums.
NCMaster ~ He has been active in the lifestyle for over 20 years. Both He and Slinky have been active contributors in the CAPEX Group in Charlotte. He has served three terms on the Board of Directors for CAPEX
Nina Love ~ She is sex advocate/educator; an active member of the BDSM community in Baltimore and surrounding areas and owns PowerXchange by nina, Baltimore’s Alternative Clothing Boutique. Before Nina emerged in the BDSM community she was a consultant & corporate trainer, with a Master’s Degree in Human Resources. Her background is in Communication and Behavior.
Pat Baille ~ Pat connected with the leather community in 1979 while stationed in Phoenix . She worked in the background of leather events while on active duty and was able to see traditional leather life but also what was new and growing around the country. Later she decided to become a more public leader. She has been a multiple title holder, Pantheon of Leather's Woman of the Year in 1997 and part of Couple of the Year in 1999.
Pieter Claeys ~ He is a 26 yo leatherman from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In 2006 and 2007 he had a popular leather videolog on YouTube and he is currently involved in the organisation of Amsterdam’s XXXLeather parties through Gents Foundation. In 2008 he started up a non-profit multimedia research project about Amsterdam’s gay leatherscene.
Rex aka LdBeast ~ He is a longtime member of the Middle Tennessee kink community. He co-founded Rose-n-thorn Guild and Gatherings (one of middle America’s earliest full-time and fixed location dungeons) and the Tennessee Alliance for Personal Expression – a group dedicated to protecting First Amendment issues.

Ricci Levy ~Ricci Levy has been engaged in sexual freedom activism for more than a decade. After a successful career in business consulting, serving as Senior VP, Director of Operations of CAP Index, Inc. and as President of R. J. Levy Consulting Inc., Ms. Levy formally entered the world of non-profit advocacy work. In 2002, she helped found The Woodhull Freedom Foundation and Federation.

Richard Sprott ~ He is serving currently as the Executive Director of CARAS (Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities), a nonprofit corp. designed to promote scientific and scholarly research on BDSM sexuality, polyamory and other forms of negotiated non-monogamy. Richard has a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from UC Berkeley.
Robert Bienvenu, Ph.D. ~ He is a sociologist who lives in the Washington, DC area. His research addresses history, health, and policy issues affecting sexual minorities, with focus on strategies for inclusion and positive change. Dr. Bienvenu is serving currently as the Deputy Executive Director of CARAS (Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities).
Sassy ~ Involved in community since 1997, Sassy has an MPA degree and offers her skills in public process and nonprofit expertise as a service to the kink community.She has the dubious honor of co-hosting the lasrgest kinky barbecue this side of the Laurentian Divide - in Minnensota, no less. (If you have a larger kink BBQ—we need to talk)
Wayne BrawnerSir Dale ~ He is a nationally recognized presenter of topics ranging from intro/mild to extreme. He is most noted for his hysterically sadistic electrical play and on any given month can be found electrifying audiences from Florida to California; whipping up a grand good time for everybody.
Sir TriSir Tri ~ He has made M/s an important of life for 20 years. A member of Black Rose, BESS/Baltimore, formally with TES & APEX. Volunteering for BR’s annual event 9 years and Master/slave Conference. A presenter for BESS, BR, DOMCON East & LA. He holds Doctorates in History and Political Science. The BESS Membership and M/s SIG coordinator.
Susan Wright ~ She founded the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom in 1997 and is currently serving as spokesperson. She is on the organizing committee for the Sex Positive Journalism Awards (Sexies), the advocacy committee for the American Association for Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists, and a board member for the Institute for 21st Century Relationships: The Foundation of NCSF. Publishing over 25 books with her latest novels are To Serve and Submit and A Pound of Flesh. www.susanwright.info
The Duchess ~ European-trained, mature alpha female Dominant with deep experience in mentoring and coaching. Many years on the Lifestyle events speakers' circuit. Now retired from 30 years as a professional counselor. Currently teaches etiquette in both D/s and vanilla worlds. Sometimes mentors Dominants and submissives in the Classical (neo-Victorian) style.
Wayne BrawnerWayne Brawner ~ He began his life in the leather lifestyle back in 1985. His Journey has taken him many different paths of self discovery. He has raised $500,000 for groups, classes, charitable events, across the USA and around the world.


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