Sunday, 9:30 - 10:15 pm
Advantages of standardization in the training of DMs a panel moderated by Jerome "Treasure" Bambrick with panelists Ken Thomas, Ren Davis Phoenix and Phil Derby

Over 10 years, The Dungeon Monitors Association has trained almost a thousand BDSM players in the art of discretely monitoring dungeon events for safe play and how to be of assistance in emergencies.  The DMA seeks to help other BDSM organizations that hold play events to train dungeon monitors and to promulgate high standards for dungeon monitoring through standardized training. This can save lives… and lawsuits!.

How you will benefit from this presentation:

By learning the value of intelligent dungeon monitoring and the ease of setting up a program in their area or within their organization to train dungeon monitors for the safety of players and to help reduce organizational liability.

How this presentation will arouse you:

It will empower attendees by teaching the benefit of monitoring BDSM play.  Equating this to lifeguards at the beach, not dungeon police. Trained DM’s are additional eyes for the party hosts.  How trained DM’s discretely look for unsafe play.   Examples will be given of how dangerous play at events has been curtailed by prompt dungeon monitor action, preventing potential injury. How even helping a top with a mundane scene problem can improve a party experience.  How humor can be used to diffuse a difficult situation.  BDSM play is an intensely human interaction… despite often, intense role play.  It needs to be monitored in an educated, humane manner.

This presentation will be given with a light, personable touch. Dealing with safety issues can put an audience asleep if it only deals with dour facts of what is safe and what is not.  I will frequently use humor to make the key points of the presentation memorable. 

About the presenters:

Jerome "Treasure" Bambrick is currently Director of National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (EOP). Entered the community in 1994 and since has founded the Dungeon Monitors Association, Cofounder smOdyssey, is the founder of FolsomFringe and founder/CO-executive director of Le Carnaval De Cuir. A sought after instructor who outreaches to many SM/Leather/Fetish groups across the country.

Daddy Ken Thomas' involvement in the leather community includes facilitating the local Masters And slaves Together group; being a Fraternal member of The 15 Association and Dungeon Monitors Association.  He’s an East Coast transplant; a gay man; long-term survivor of HIV and enjoys spending time with his slave and leather family.

Ren Davis Phoenix - Daddy Ren maintains a queer, primarily leather lifestyle. Endeavors include the Lyon-Martin Clinic’s Development Committee, Co-founder/Co-Coordinated 2006-07 Folsom St. Fair’s Women’s Space, FSE Board Assoc., S.F. Human Right Commission’s LBGT Advisory Council member, and board member with SF Dykes on Bikes, Dungeon Monitors Assoc, & the SFCitadel.

Phil and his wife August Knight started the Fandango Parties, now in their 14th year. In 2003, Phil and August started the  SFCitadel dungeon in San Francisco. He is VP of the DMA, a  Society of Janus and Leather Forum member, and a sponsor of Folsom Street Events.




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